It’s been four years. Xbox should update the Brazil Now app!

Reading that headline, and seeing the title “Brazil Now,” you probably have a perplexed look on your face. 

Does this ring a bell…?

Brazil Now was this fabulous interactive experience, Xbox put together, for the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament. I, actually, had a lot of fun with this app. 

You could watch matches, in snap mode, vote on strategy, collect team cards, and really feel like you’re experiencing the thrill of World Cup with your friends, and the general world Xbox community.

I bring this up because this year is the World Cup in Russia. I would love to see something similar to Brazil Now happen for Xbox, this year. It’s probably not going to happen, but I would love if it did.

Author: Marques Lyons

We should all view today as another chance to better tomorrow. Microsoft Xbox MVP. Fitbit user. Wokeish. Music connoisseur. Disney enthusiast. UC Irvine alum.

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