#Tip: Utilize the Insects “game” to showcase 4k, HDR, and spatial audio, on your Xbox One S or One X.

Back in 2017, Xbox released an app called “Insects.” The purpose of the app was to showcase the differences between 4k imagery, HDR color, and spatial audio.

It’s an oft-forgotten app, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

By the way, I put game in quotes because it installs as a game, but I would think it makes more sense as an app. 

This is a great little tool to have, even if you have an Xbox One S like I do. Using it, I made sure that my 4k/HDR TV was at least tuned to where I could see a difference in video. You’re offered a wide range of options including an HDR split-screen, so you can see the difference with and without the technology enabled.

Pick up Insects in the Microsoft store.

For more details, check out this post on Xbox Wire.

Author: Marques Lyons

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