The Fitbit Diaries: Getting back into the swing of sweat.

In an effort to get back onto the fitness wagon, I picked up a Fitbit Charge 2, at Costco. I have to say that it’s been nice to get back on the fitness wagon. The Fitbit has changed my perception(s) of how healthy I thought I was. Now I make (some) better decisions in terms of what to eat, and when to exercise.

As part of this new regiment, I’ve also downloaded the Fitbit Coach app, on Xbox One. I haven’t subscribed to their monthly fitness plan, so at the moment I’m working through their beginner routines, but they seem to be effective enough.

Over time, I want to report back here on my progress and how Fitbit Coach (whether I get the full subscription or not) has helped me in that journey. Right now, I just wanted to offer a few initial impressions of the app/service:

  • If I look back at my experiences with Nike+ and Xbox Fitness, Fitbit Coach feels a bit disjointed. Specifically, there’s a point in every workout where it takes 10 seconds to ask you how each individual workout was. I’m fine with giving the feedback, but I would prefer to do it *after* the workout is done (which it also does, weirdly…)
  • I do like having an app that talks to my Fitbit device. It’s supposed to give you real-time heart rates, but you need to use a Windows device as a middleman. I haven’t checked this part out personally, but I hope to in the future. Also, when you’re done with the Fitbit Coach workout, it’s documented automatically in the Fitbit app. That way you don’t have to remember to do it, and you can keep a better log of what you’ve done.
  • I miss achievements. That sounds weird to say, but one of the things I LOVED about Xbox Fitness was the ability, through the program to encourage friends, and to also get achievements for your continued efforts. Sure, you can encourage friends via the Fitbit app, but there was something to seeing it on your TV as you were to begin that day’s session(s).
  • I miss Kinect. One of the benefits of using Kinect – especially with Xbox Fitness – was that you got real-time updates on your posture when doing any particular type of workout. It made sure that you were in proper position to get maximum benefit. Fitbit Coach doesn’t do that. For all it knows, I’m sitting in my office chair, eating oatmeal cookies. Kinect, when combined with fitness, kept you honest.

Overall, I like what I’m getting out of Fitbit Coach. I’ll report back here, periodically, as I continue using the app.

Author: Marques Lyons

We should all view today as another chance to better tomorrow. Microsoft Xbox MVP. Fitbit user. Wokeish. Music connoisseur. Disney enthusiast. UC Irvine alum.

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