Quick Thoughts: E3 2018

I know this is a site about apps and experiences on Xbox (not games), but I did have the pleasure of attending this year’s E3 and I wanted to offer a few thoughts on the entire event.

Note: This isn’t meant to be a totally cohesive piece. This is more train of thought:

First off, the winner of E3 is the gamer. No need to argue about who had the better press conference, blah blah blah. Gamers won. You could also probably include the restaurants, bars, and Starbucks locations within Downtown L.A.

Specifically, with Xbox, I’m glad they’ve added five additional studios to their first party, exclusive, portfolio. I’m especially excited about Ninja Theory because of the critical acclaim, they’ve received, for Hellblade. I’m looking forward to seeing more exclusive games and experiences, in the years ahead.

I was able to attend the Xbox Fanfest, this year, and it’s wonderful watching Xbox shower some of their biggest fans with swag, exclusive panels, a chance to gather together and celebrate the brand they love. It was especially touching to watch Xbox dedicate this year’s Fanfest to Xbox Addictt, a wonderful young man who gave back to the brand what he felt the brand gave to him: love.

Mixer is amazing. I’m glad they were on the general show floor, instead of at the Xbox experience, to further cement that they are about all games and platforms. Their booth was awesome, and I’m happy to see that team continue to grow and thrive.

The games I’m looking most forward to? Hands down, it’s about Forza Horizon 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. With Horizon, it’s not so much about the racing (that’s always great), I’m always ready for the soundtrack. Forza Horizon has done right by music, with every release, and I’m looking forward to seeing what music gets included in this year’s version.

With Tomb Raider, I feel like the last two games took me on a journey with a young woman discovering her inner lion. I’m very excited to see how this story concludes (even though you, technically, know what the endpoint is).

I’ve discovered that I need to take the word backlog out of my vocabulary. I was greatly impressed by Spiderman on PS4 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch.

Ubisoft (who’s presser I was also able to attend) was just awesome live. I had to go home and install Beyond Good and Evil and Trials, so I can get back into those games, before the new ones release. As (as a music person), I couldn’t get enough of the Just Dance, opener featuring a live marching band.

Seeing friends, and making new ones, will always be one of the top reasons I come to E3. Special love, to the Xbox MVP program for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this event. To everyone I’ve met, you’re all awesome. 

Every year, my feet and I have this discussion about if next year is worth attending. My feet say no. My Fitbit shrugs, and my body says wait a few months. I’m quite sure, though, that when June 1, 2019 rolls around, and the countdown begins again, I’ll rediscover my inner kid, and get excited all over again.

This is a great time to be a gamer!

Author: Marques Lyons

We should all view today as another chance to better tomorrow. Microsoft Xbox MVP. Fitbit user. Wokeish. Music connoisseur. Disney enthusiast. UC Irvine alum.

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