Conversation Piece: Someone really needs to fix the TV anywhere app authentication problem!

I’ll keep this short, otherwise I could go on a long, profanity-laced tirade:

Something needs to be done with the way TV apps are authenticated on devices. It seems that with every update to a TV app, I now have to go in and resubmit my TV provider. I have to go to a site, enter some code, pick my provider, log into provider, wait, watch.

Folks I thought we had the advantage of technology.

Why isn’t it possible for these services to save my credentials to the cloud somewhere? Why can’t they be tied to the master account used on the device?

For Xbox’s part, I don’t have this problem as frequently as I do on Apple TV or Fire TV, but then again I don’t use that many TV anywhere apps on my Xbox One. It’s mostly Fox Sports and FXNow, and those have (on occasion) made me to the authentication two-step, after an update.

Apple is working on a system, by which, you can sign in to your provider and the apps all come to you. That’s great, but they’re also going to slow walk that. We’ve been doing this dance for far too long, and it’s time someone figured out a solution, that doesn’t need to simmer in the sun for years before becoming tasty enough to eat.

The worst offender of this is HBO Go. What’s made that one so amazing is that when I have to re-up that service, the browsers on my phone and iPad don’t work because apparently they don’t have proper cookies set. I’ve had to re-up HBO Go using the Edge browser on the Xbox One. 

Sigh… actually, more like…

Really, can someone do something about this?

Author: Marques Lyons

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