Xbox is great for a round of Halo, a lap in Forza, or an act in Gears. Xbox One, and the Xbox ecosystem, provides gamers with a great escape from life; the chance to get away, and immerse yourself in various adventures, whether alone or with friends.

There is, also, another side to Xbox; a story worthy to be told: Xbox is great for entertainment, education, and productivity. There’s plenty to enjoy on the platform, even when games aren’t part of the agenda.

From Hulu, Sling TV, and Netflix to Pandora, Rosetta Stone, and iHeartRadio, the Xbox One provides a wealth of options for entertainment. Project Downtime will be the hub for news and conversation around the Xbox’s app story.

You can join in the discussion on Twitter, or through our club “Project Downtime” on Xbox Live.

There’s more value to Xbox than you may realize.

Ready for some downtime?