Microsoft Movies & TV now a Movies Anywhere retailer

The time has come! Let us all rejoice. Microsoft Movies & TV is now an official retailer in the Movies Anywhere program. This means that along with Google Play, VUDU, iTunes, Prime Video, and Fandango Now, you can now have one central place for all of your movies – as long as it’s from a participating retailer and movie studio.

Movies on your Xbox and Windows 10 devices can now escape the walled garden and be viewed via YouTube, Apple TV, Roku, and more. All you need to do is connect your Microsoft account to your Movies Anywhere account.

Happy days are here, again, my friends!

App Spotlight: Channel 9


Microsoft is a company that lives and dies by developer relations.  When you create platforms, you need to make a case to the consumer that the new platform is worth investing in.  Either the platform needs to be something new and useful for users to ditch their existing library of programs and apps or it has to be enticing enough for them to spend money and upgrade with their existing library.

To win over consumers, you need developers to back you up.  The developers need to be on board to update their apps to the new standard or completely rebuild the app from the ground up to work on the new platform. Continue reading “App Spotlight: Channel 9”

Digitizing your physical media for Plex

You already know all about the great Plex app on Xbox One, but still have a few questions about how to actually turn your physical library into a digital one.  It’s likely your music is already digital.  From your Napster days to Spotify. Photos? Most of you switched to digital photos before we had smartphones.  Movies and TV Shows?  That’s where it can get tricky.

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