Did you know your Xbox One has a developer mode?

It’s sometimes forgotten but your Xbox One, the same console sitting in your living room right now, can be turned into a developer machine through a dev mode app. Of course there’s a few things you need to do on your end, but this allows anyone who wants to develop apps for Xbox to do so without the added expense of a dev kit.

For more information, on this developer program, check out Microsoft Docs. If you have questions, this FAQ may be able to help.

Plex: A solid digital library management app on your Xbox One

Our digital libraries are growing. Books, movies, music, games. This generation of consoles has seen a huge leap in accessibility and usage of digital content that was largely shaped during the evolution and lifecycle of the Xbox 360. Accessibility to that content has been limited in the past, siloed off per platform, but now? Now we have options.

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The Fitbit Diaries: Getting back into the swing of sweat.

In an effort to get back onto the fitness wagon, I picked up a Fitbit Charge 2, at Costco. I have to say that it’s been nice to get back on the fitness wagon. The Fitbit has changed my perception(s) of how healthy I thought I was. Now I make (some) better decisions in terms of what to eat, and when to exercise.

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[UPDATED 5 July] Microsoft Rewards App on Xbox One for Insiders

[UPDATE] Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox One is now generally available to the public for its authorized regions: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9N43KFKG7HZT

I own two Zunes (yes, still).  Up until just last year had a Windows 10 Mobile phone.  I was subscribed to Microsoft’s Groove Music Pass until its sad, sad death.  So I was ready when I read about the Xbox Live Rewards program being shut down at the end of May.

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Conversation Piece: Microsoft + Music – An emotional roller coaster!

When I got my Microsoft MVP award, in 2008, it was for Zune – arguably, Microsoft’s biggest foray into the music services space. It had everything, I loved about music, as a medium: ways to discover new music and support artists, a community built around sharing and discussing music, and a way for you to show your love for the music that you listen to (Zune Social profiles).

Even the devices ended up on the sexy side – well, once you got past that brick of a first device. v2 and the Zune HD were wonderfully designed music players, that complimented the service very well.

In 2018, through several changes, fits, and starts, that’s all gone, and in its place is well…

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