Conversation Piece: The Power of Cross-Platform

Can we all take a step back, for a second, and appreciate what is happening with cross-platform play? The big news, of the past few days, is the linking of Xbox and Nintendo players via Minecraft. Such forays into bringing together seemingly separate communities (also see games like Rocket League) is proving that we’re all gamers, and deserve to game together, regardless of platform.

That is, unless you’re a Playstation player.

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Conversation Piece: Entertainment on Xbox

With a recent preview update, the entertainment tab on the Xbox One dashboard has been replaced with a tab for Game Pass. Naturally, Xbox wants to play up Game Pass. It’s their Netflix system for gaming, and (in all honesty) it’s a great value for what it offers.

But… what about entertainment?

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Did you know your Xbox One has a developer mode?

It’s sometimes forgotten but your Xbox One, the same console sitting in your living room right now, can be turned into a developer machine through a dev mode app. Of course there’s a few things you need to do on your end, but this allows anyone who wants to develop apps for Xbox to do so without the added expense of a dev kit.

For more information, on this developer program, check out Microsoft Docs. If you have questions, this FAQ may be able to help.