App Spotlight: Channel 9


Microsoft is a company that lives and dies by developer relations.  When you create platforms, you need to make a case to the consumer that the new platform is worth investing in.  Either the platform needs to be something new and useful for users to ditch their existing library of programs and apps or it has to be enticing enough for them to spend money and upgrade with their existing library.

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Conversation Piece: The HDMI pass through doesn’t pass through much!

Ok, that sounds slightly like a click-bait headline. You’re ready to tell me that the HDMI pass through works fine, because you can plug any HDMI device into it, and use the OneGuide app to watch it.

Yes, you’re right, but I still have a gripe with it.

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Conversation Piece: The Power of Cross-Platform

Can we all take a step back, for a second, and appreciate what is happening with cross-platform play? The big news, of the past few days, is the linking of Xbox and Nintendo players via Minecraft. Such forays into bringing together seemingly separate communities (also see games like Rocket League) is proving that we’re all gamers, and deserve to game together, regardless of platform.

That is, unless you’re a Playstation player.

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How did we get here? Wait… Where is here?


When the Xbox 360 released in 2005 our entertainment centers looked a lot different.  2005 may not sound that long ago, but the difference in available technology is surprising.  Screens were getting just good enough to start thinking about what was beyond DVDs, while VHS players were still being maintained. YouTube had it’s first video uploaded that year. Mobile gaming consisted of a snake eating an apple on the best selling mobile phone of all time, the Nokia 1110.

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