#Tip: Utilize the HDMI-In port on Xbox One

Turn your Xbox One around!

On the back of an Xbox One lies an HDMI-In port. When the console was first announced, this port was going to be the method, by which, you could watch cable television through the Xbox One.

It’s a great convenience, that’s for sure, but over time – with the rise of streaming TV services like Sling TV and YouTube TV – the necessity of this port as a place to centralize cable TV became less and less important.

Well, what if I told you that you could plug *anything* into that HDMI port, as long as HDMI is the connection system?

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Dolby Atmos changes the game!

There’s been great advancements in gaming, over the years. From graphics, narrative, and accessibility to sound. Sound, especially, has come a long way. From the bloops and bleeps of 8-bit to the spatial audio and sweeping orchestral scores of today.

One of my favorite features of the Xbox ecosystem is Dolby Atmos. I’ve had the chance to experience this in a fine-tuned setting and let me tell you: Wow.

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