The Friday 5: Marques’ Guilty Pleasures

The Wind-Up:

When I was an MVP for Zune (remember Zune?), I was an advocate for telling people that they shouldn’t ever be ashamed of the music that they listen to. No one should have to lower their head for listening to Nickelback or Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga. Those artists make some good music, and there should be no ridicule for those who get some comfort and enjoyment from their music.

Which leads me to today.

I’m still of the belief that guilty pleasures shouldn’t be guilty. We all have things that get us through our day to day. Whether that’s music, a video game, a YouTube channel, a particular streamer, if it helps you unwind, relax and get through life, more power to you.

So here’s this list. I’m going to freely admit to 5 things that get me through the days and weeks:

The Pitch:

Totally TV (YouTube)

First off, I liked the cartoon “Jem and the Holograms” growing up, so Totally TV isn’t a complete stretch for me. Totally TV is this YouTube channel where cool men and women dress as various Disney princesses and Disney characters and do skits and/or challenges.

It’s completely aimed at kids who are into Disney, but that means the potential of drawing in a few adults (cough) who are into Disney, and after watching a few of the episodes, I appreciate the effort that this group puts into their channel.

It’s charming, humorous, and well done.

The Dead or Alive Series (Gaming)

Boob physics! We’re talking about boob physics? Dead or Alive was always that series, for me, where I had to justify playing it by saying that the game had some really good fighting mechanics underneath the obvious visual enticement.

I still believe that there’s a good fighting game there, but let’s be real: The boob physics is nuts.

Nickelback (Music)

I don’t care what you say: Nickelback makes some of the best drinking songs, in the game. I’ve never cared for much of their material, but when it came to songs about chugging beer, and getting plastered, they totally nailed them.

I don’t understand all of the hate this group gets from people, but I can tell you that yelling those songs out, on the way home from work, has caused me many time to forget what it was about work that had me stressed in the first place.

The Disneyland Fireworks (Theme Parks)

I cry almost every time. I wanted to lead with that, because for anyone, of any age, seeing the Disneyland Fireworks can be an emotional, and enchanting experience. For me, every single time, I nearly cry.

Why? I want to say it’s because those fireworks, and that music, is Disneyland’s way of giving you a hug, at the end of a night. The park, itself, is saying to you that no matter what’s going on in your life, what stresses you have, whatever bothers you, you’re going to be ok.

Eating an Entire Pumpkin Pie from Costco

If you know Costco, you know they never sell anything in small portions. Costco is a “Go big, or go home!” type establishment. So, every Halloween/Thanksgiving time, Costco sells this amazing pumpkin pie.

It’s costs somewhere between $5-6, and I buy one every year. I also eat one (an entire one) every year. I’ll be on my couch, I’ll fire up some movies, and I’ll grab a spoon and lay waste to that entire pie.

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