I need a big 2020 out of the Movies Anywhere service!

First off, did you know that DIsney owns Movies Anywhere? Yeap, it was originally called DIsney Movies Anywhere and the purpose of the service was to allow you to have your Disney films anywhere that you could watch films. It connected to various movie retailers (iTunes and Microsoft, for example).

Today, that service is expanded to include movies from various studios. It’s now called Movies Anywhere, and I really enjoy what it brings to the table.

But, damn, if it doesn’t have some things that grind my gears…

Well, let me start with some things I really enjoy about, in case you’re interested in using the service yourself. Just like Disney Movies Anywhere, before it, MA allows you to sync all of your purchased films into one collection. It’s partnered with some of the key retailers out there (Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, and others). No matter where you purchased the movie from, it’ll sync across to the other services.

So, for example, if you buy Moana on iTunes (and have other services connected to your account), that same Moana film will appear in the other services that are connected. It will also appear in the Movies Anywhere app, so you can download and watch the film, no matter where you are.

Protip: You can also view movies using the Movies Anywhere website, but you can’t download, like you can with the apps.

It’s a wonderful service. It allows me to bargain hunt for films, and steadily add them to my collection. Scrolling through the movies, in the app, is actually a pleasant experience. Reminds me of scrolling through album covers, back in the days of the Zune software.

But then there’s the rubs…

Not all movie studios are on board with the service. Right now the major holdouts are Paramount and Lionsgate. WIthout Paramount, for example, I can’t sync the new Star Trek series of films that I own, nor can I sync a lot of the great Paramount movies of the 80s. It sucks so hard to only have to rely on iTunes to get a fix of those films.

Also, the Movies Anywhere app isn’t available everywhere, specifically I’m talking about gaming consoles like Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. These are 3 good places to have that app available. Why have the app, if the service syncs with Microsoft and YouTube? The app contains a lot of bonus features and included goodies that are only available, right in the app. You don’t get some BTS footage in the connected service.

So, I’m hoping that Movies Anywhere gains a lot of traction in 2020. Here’s some things I’m hoping for (in case you just wanted a list, and didn’t bother to read the stuff above this)…

  • Bringing on board Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate.
  • Including Playstation Video as a retailer and/or bringing the app to Playstation
  • Including a Movies Anywhere app for Windows
  • Start including the pipeline/connections to eventually begin adding TV shows
  • More ways to group/organize your movie collection (genre, actor, favorites, etc)

If Movies Anywhere can address *any* of these things in 2020, it’ll be a great thing. The service has amazing potential, and I hope they have a road map to really get this service pushing forward.

Do you use the Movies Anywhere service, or have interest in how it works. Let’s have a conversation about it, in the comments, or on Twitter.

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