Music Spotlight: DCapella

I’m a trombonist, and I always love being part of a group. They say that the trombone is meant to have the brilliance of a trumpet, and the mellow tones of a french horn. I can go along with that. It’s great. However, there’s something to be said about the human voice. The power of an instrument that we all carry, with us, every single day.

Think back to groups like Boyz II Men or Rockapella. These were highly talented groups, who were able to take acapella singing, and turn it into an artform. I have favorite songs, from both groups, and they continue to be on my permanent rotation, today.

Now there’s another group, to add to the list: DCapella. Yes, they are an acapella ensemble, that’s built to bring Disney songs to life. I was first introduced to them through a playlist of modern Disney music, that I found on Apple Music. My introduction to them was “Friend LIke Me,” the song from Aladdin. I’ve embedded the video of them performing that song, below, so you can check it out, too.

While “Friend Like Me” is fantastic, the song that really solidified their spot in my rotation is “Immortals” Yes, the same song by Fall Out Boy from the Disney movie “Big Hero 6.” They managed to take the grooving, driven essence of the song and power it, with just their voice.

So, tell you what: Take a listen to the group, and let me know what you think. We can discuss in the comments, below, or on Twitter.

This is one talented group of people, right here!

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