Can we geek out, for a moment, on nature documentaries?

Netflix. Apple TV Plus. Disney Plus.

They all have amazing content to watch. Great original programming, blockbuster films, etc.

What the three have in common, as far as having me as a subscriber is concerned, is that they somehow (lovingly) end up as services to mostly satisfy my craving, and love, for nature documentaries.

I don’t know when this started, but I’m such a sucker for swooping drone shots, over the cold floors of Antarctica. I get a great thrill watching a cheetah chase down its prey, for that day. It gives me kid-like giggles to watch the sun rise off the horizon, as animals graze and wander about, like a scene out of The Lion King.

Throw cold water on me. I’m getting warm here.

‘The Elephant Queen” is available on Apple TV Plus.

The first example of this was “The Elephant Queen” documentary on Apple TV Plus. This show was about a pack of elephants migrating across hot, sand in search of an oasis. Without giving too much away, there’s moments of great relief and moments of great sorrow. The whole time, I was greatly riveted.

The story of the elephants was also a conduit to talk about what other animals did during warm summer days (it always cracks me up to see what other animals do during their mating seasons – there’s some pretty interesting rituals out there).

This show looks amazing in 4k/HDR. Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor does a wonderful job with narration. If you have Apple TV Plus, I highly recommend checking out this documentary.

“Hostile Planet” is available on Disney Plus.

The second documentary, that has captured my attention, is “Hostile Planet.” This is a multi-part show, on Disney Plus, presented by National Geographic.

The show focuses, of course, on different animals and wildlife, but it also presents how wildlife manages to survive and make it through extreme climates and situations. From mountains and oceans, to jungles and wild lands, Hostile Planet offers an amazing look at how wildlife survives in the face of great environments.

Presented in stunning HD, Bear Grylls narrates the story. If you have Disney Plus, give the first episode “Mountains” a look, and see if you don’t want to press play on the next episode.

“Continent 7: Antartica” is available on Disney Plus.

Finally, also on Disney Plus, is “Continent 7: Antarctica”. This show follows a group of scientists, as they embark on a mission to study the -100 degree F environments of Antarctica. Of course, it isn’t easy, but it’s amazing to watch.

When you watch shows, such as this, you really do feel the sense of danger that comes with what these scientists are trying to study. This show, like “Hostile Planet” is also available on Disney Plus.

Can you tell I really love this kind of stuff? I could geek out on this all day, but I won’t take up too much more of your time. If you want to tell me about your favorite nature documentaries, or have a conversation about the ones I’ve mentioned, feel free to leave a comment here, or continue the discussion on Twitter.

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