Do you smell what Disney is cookin?

Let’s make no mistake about it: Disneyland is a feast for the senses. The sights, the sounds, the magic. It’s a lot to take in.

The next time you’re in a Disney theme park, however, check out how Disney messes around with another one of your senses: Your sense of smell.

Now, I’m not up to date on every place this technique is used, but there are several places in the Disneyland resort where the sense of smell adds to the overall enjoyment of the attraction.

Here’s just a few, that I know about:

When you’re on Soarin’ (be it California or the World) pay attention to certain areas: When you fly over an orange grove, you’ll smell oranges. When you fly over the safari, you’ll smell the grass. When you fly over Fiji, you’ll smell the crispness of the water. Scents are used, a lot, on that ride.

When you’re on the Incredicoaster, pay attention to the story: You’re chasing Jack-Jack, while Jack-Jack chases chocolate chip cookies. In the tunnels, on the ride, you’re blasted with the smell of said cookies. It’s why at the end of the ride Disney, smartly, has a chocolate chip cookie cart.

When you’re watching “Mickey’s Philharmagic,” pay attention to the Be Our Guest sequence. If you hear what seems to be jet engine fans, that’s because the auditorium is being coated in the scent of pastries.

It’s a pretty cool thing that Disney does, and it explains why I absolutely don’t mind snacking the entire time I’m in the park… which I’m sure is great for Disney’s bottom line.

Have you experienced any particular smells, while wandering a Disney theme park (and, uh, please understand what’s being asked. I know this could go off the rails, lol)? Let’s discuss it in the comments below, or continue the discussion on Twitter.

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