Hey, airlines… you need to do better!

I’ll make this short and simple: AIrlines need to do better by people who have trip reservations for the next few months. Companies are cancelling events. Sporting events are considering having their competitions with no fans. Hell, the Olympics may not even happen.

And the airlines… well if you book NOW you’ll be guaranteed a full refund, should your trip not happen. Um, that’s ass backwards. When a trip was booked last year, two months ago, no one was anticipating this situation, but hey we booked the ticket, right? You see no reason things should change now.

There are 2 things about that: One, why would anyone want to hurry and book tickets, now, to anywhere? Two, if my ticket, in particular, has me flying into a place that practically told every person living there to stay home, and cancelled every major event happening there, why would I want to go ahead and fly there anyway?

I have another question, though: Why are you letting your own people fly into epicenters of a virus outbreak. Forget me, as a passenger, why are you putting your own staff and service people at risk?

Right now, people don’t need change fees, cancellation fees, or fees of any kind. They need understanding, compassion, empathy. They don’t need ‘customer appreciation’ tweets, they need you to listen to their tweets. Folks aren’t out here trying to swindle airlines, but darn if it doesn’t feel like airlines are trying to swindle them.

You can do better than this. You SHOULD do better than this…

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