Small Update: This blog hasn’t been abandoned.

So, I wanted to take a second to let all 4 of you readers know that this blog hasn’t been abandoned. Quite the contrary, I had a whole host of things I was ready to do to keep things moving along, on a regular basis. It just appears that with the current situation (COVID-19) that we are in, I feel out of sorts and unable to really put my mind on this blog, like I want do.

So, what I have decided to do is use this time to catch up on movies, and music, and get back into music composition. I’ve pulled the trigger on getting StaffPad for iPad, and I plan to begin dabbling in music composition. I don’t expect symphonies, but I’ve always found writing even the smallest of melodies to be soothing. I may even share some stuff once things seem to be a bit better on track.

Bottom line is that I’m fine, the blog is fine. I just hope that you’re fine. 🙂

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