So, where was I…

I had huge plans for this blog, in 2020. I didn’t have huge plans for what to do when a pandemic hit. Now that things seem to be a bit more subsided, I’ve decided I’m going to refocus on some of the things that I wanted to tackle as projects. This blog is one of them.

So, what is this blog?

This is Project Downtime. It is a blog that will be split into 2 parts: The PD part will talk about that cool intersection of entertainment and technology. I’m always fascinated by the multitude of ways we can enjoy TV, music, and movies across devices.

Then there’s the CC side. CC is Consumer Camp (an old education endeavor I once did with Microsoft). That side will be tutorials and quick bits about how to do some cool things with entertainment apps and services.

There may occasionally be a third part, where I geek out on some of the cool (to me) things that I’m doing. At the moment, I’m giving myself a refresher in music theory (I have a music degree from UC Irvine) and I’m dabbling in music writing (picked up a fantastic app called StaffPad and will be taking lessons in Apple’s Garageband). I’m also finally in a regular routine with Apple Fitness Plus, so you’ll excuse me if I sometimes share some of those accomplishments, as well.

But for the most part, let’s talk about that intersection of entertainment and technology. It’s moving fast, changing frequently, and fascinating to observe.


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