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I had this idea for Disney Infinity, once…

Does anyone out there remember Disney Infinity? It was this toys to life game series (see: Skylanders) that Disney had going for a while. I really liked the game, collecting the characters, and what not, but I guess Disney felt it wasn’t fitting into their overall gaming plans, and discontinued it a few years ago.

In short, the idea I had was called InfinityLink. Essentially, it was this technology that would allow you to use Disney Infinity characters in other Disney Interactive games.

The example I always used was imagine putting Disney brand characters into games like Split Second, or if Disney Infinity had a Smash Bros type game. It would’ve been great, and expanded the universe of Disney Infinity.

The outside of the box example was SSX. I would’ve loved to have been able to insert Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters into a game like SSX. Imagine being Yoda and using your lightsaber to tear down trees, in your way. Imagine being Bruce Banner, and when you turned into the Hulk, you couldn’t even see the snowboard anymore because he was so huge.

That idea never escapes my head. Of course, it can’t go anywhere because Disney Infinity is no longer a thing, but it’s always nice to rethink that idea.

Ok, that’s all. Thanks.