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The Friday 5: Marques’ Guilty Pleasures

The Wind-Up:

When I was an MVP for Zune (remember Zune?), I was an advocate for telling people that they shouldn’t ever be ashamed of the music that they listen to. No one should have to lower their head for listening to Nickelback or Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga. Those artists make some good music, and there should be no ridicule for those who get some comfort and enjoyment from their music.

Which leads me to today.

I’m still of the belief that guilty pleasures shouldn’t be guilty. We all have things that get us through our day to day. Whether that’s music, a video game, a YouTube channel, a particular streamer, if it helps you unwind, relax and get through life, more power to you.

So here’s this list. I’m going to freely admit to 5 things that get me through the days and weeks:

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Should it really be hard work to escape working?

Sometimes we are terrible at escaping from our day-to-day.

I’m always amazed when I read articles that talk about how Americans are so hesitant to take days off from work. We’re somehow swallowed up by the idea that escaping from work simply means more work when we return. So we would rather just rely on quick breaks, and lunch hours at Starbucks (or your beverage location of choice) to keep our sanity.

But then we break, we realize that our body needs time to recharge… so we try to use the weekends for that. But then we treat our 48 hours worth of weekend as a 7 day vacation, and return to work on Monday just as tired as when we left.

And I get it. We want to always be current. We never want to feel behind. For some there’s just too much riding on the need for constant relevancy. Yet, we pursue these avenues at the expense of our mental and physical health.

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L to the Izzo

This probably would’ve been just fine as a tweet, but it needs to be declared here, too: I’ve grown into a huge fan of Lizzo’s music, and I’m happy to see that she’s getting the recognition she deserves.

I’m also happy that she’s a force for body positivity. The girl can work it, and her music catalog is outstanding.

I say all that to say this: I hope she wins every Grammy she’s nominated for. I hope she wins Grammys that she isn’t even nominated for. She should win best pop/rock performance, jazz solo, new age release, whatever.

Yes, she’s that good. Go ahead and @ me!

Disney has me blogging, again!

The first post, of this new blog, won’t begin with some sappy story about the first time I went to Disneyland. No recollection of the wide eyed, mesmerized moment that I felt enchanted by the Magic Kingdom, and its famous mouse. No, sorry, that’s not something I even remember.

What I can tell you is that Disneyland, now, gives me hope. It fuels my soul. It makes me realize that every day is a new day, and another chance to make tomorrow better. Whatever they do in that park, to facilitate such emotions, they simply need to keep doing.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

The Magic Kingdom, at Disneyland, lights up with fireworks.

If you’ve followed me on Twitter or Instagram, you know just how much I love Disney, and all it has to offer. From its Disney Plus service to the, now defunct, Disney Infinity game, I always enjoy what Disney has to offer to me. I even joined the Disney Vacation Club, a few years ago (a decision I still have no regrets over).

So… what’s the point of this blog?

Yes, I want to blog about Disney, but the reason for doing so is that I’ve discovered it allows me to include some other interests that I’ve gathered over the past few months. Things like creative writing, photography, social media engagement, education, gaming, and music all have roads that could easily travel through Disney.

So… why call it Project Downtime?

To be honest, Project Downtime was the name of an old idea I had. An idea to discuss how cool Xbox can be, even when you’re not playing games with the console. However, to be honest, I tried to throw too much at the idea, and honestly Xbox is 90% games and 10% entertainment, so trying to keep up a blog for the long haul could prove to be daunting.

With Disney, I can talk about that brand in the context of other things that I love, including Xbox.

So, while this first blog post won’t start with the story of an enchanted kid being sucked into the wonderous world of Disney. It will start with this 42 year old man who finds that Disney is an amazing gateway and conduit for all of these other things that interest me, piques my curiosities, and engages my sense of learning and wonder.

Disney’s California Adventure, the view from Pixar Pier

Looking out over the waters of Disney’s California Adventure

If you would like to engage with me, please feel free to leave comments on this blog, or chat with me on social media. My two primary outlets are Twitter and Instagram. I look forward to having a conversation about life, Disney, and community.

Thanks…and let’s get started…