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Presenting the Xbox MVP Summit 2020 playlist!

We’ve reached March. We’ve also reached the month where many Xbox MVPs will descend on Redmond, WA to hang out with the Xbox team, and talk about plans and ideas. While most of the event is under NDA, this part of it is not.

For the past several years, I’ve enjoyed putting together a playlist for the event. This goes back to the days when Microsoft’s Global MVP Summit included consumer technologies. This year’s playlist took longer than I thought, but I’m happy with the results.

The title of my playlist is “Cocktail party in the streets. House Party in the sheets.”

The playlist can be found here:

It’s a wonderful blend of songs to sing along to, plus songs that – I hope – help people expand their musical palate. One of the things I always aim to do, with this playlist, is help people potentially discover music they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Unlike past years, this playlist is only available via Spotify. You can list to it with or without a paid subscription, and it’s one of the more popular and commonly used services. There’s 30 songs, in total, with a 2 hour running time.

Please, feel free to take a listen, and let me know what songs you enjoyed. DId you discover any new genres/artists? I’d love to help you take that discovery and get deeper into the crates.

That time I did an online class for the Microsoft MVP program.

In June of 2015, I was asked to be part of a program, being put together by the Microsoft MVP Program. On a Tuesday morning, at 10am, I presented about Xbox One. Specifically, I discussed how people could cut the cord using Xbox One, as the primary entertainment device.

I’m presenting it now, because (I’ll be frank with you). I never watched it since I did the recording.


For as much as people enjoyed the presentation, and got great information from it. I shied away from it. I need to be more proud of things like this, so I’m presenting it here, now. Of course, some things here could be outdated, based upon 4+ years worth of Xbox One updates, but I’m finally comfortable enough to share it.

The official description is as follows:

Xbox MVP Marques Lyons offers insight into utilizing Xbox One for media consumption without relying on expensive cable TV services. Using his own recent experience as a guide, Marques shows how you can utilize content from Over the Air antennas, and media streaming services to get access to a variety of entertainment, and make it cost effective. Plus, ideas on what you can do with that HDMI-in capability of Xbox One.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any additional questions based upon what’s being presented here:

Couldn’t we have gotten a better freeze frame than this? 🙂